Climate Change Means System Change

by | Oct 23, 2014

In the Climate March in New York City I marched alongside 400,000 others willing to take to the streets to awaken people everywhere of the importance of remaking ourselves worldwide into sustainable communities. Organizers expected around 100,000 and four times as many came! The dialogue has begun, and with this kind of momentum I believe there is no turning back.

Monday after the Climate March I participated in Flood Wall Street, a civil disobedience action in which 3,000 of us took over the streets at the intersection of Wall St. and Broadway. We also sat in for hours all around the iconic bronze bull sculpture, metaphorically dancing on its back with a clean energy future. We remained nonviolent, which I believe is a must for breaking the cycle of violence the state inflicts to maintain a status quo that has unfortunately become suicidal for the human race and countless other species.


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