“Mealtime, If Fortunate, Just Prior”

by | Nov 16, 2015

With gratitude and passion for creating a better future, I’m happy to announce my poem “Mealtime, If Fortunate, Just Prior” has been accepted for publication at Qwerty, a literary journal run by graduate students at New Brunswick University. This poem is about awakening our sensibility and not simply accepting the shadows rife throughout status quo. Right now, university students on many campuses are showing us all how to organize and act to get results for positive change. They are shaking the system out of its penchant for allowing racial prejudice to thrive without consequences. And they refuse to remain ensconced with leadership that is not up to the task of bringing diverse communities together in order to find new ways of relating to one another. It is great for my work to be forthcoming in a university publication!



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