King as Host of Artivism on Your Town TV Focuses on the Ongoing Movement of Standing With Standing Rock

In this airing of Artivism King is so pleased to have interviewed Standing Rock allies, Chuck Banner, Television Producer/Director/Documentarian; Lauren Banner, Documentarian/Artist/Activist; and, Kelsey Hill, Social Media Director for the Romero Institute. From their experiences at Standing Rock in North Dakota each of King’s guests offer unique and perceptive viewpoints on the movement for restorative social justice for Standing Rock now that the water protectors are working through the court system as well as through film and media to continue the struggle to stop the DAPL pipeline from operating in their land. Also, this program explores how the Standing Rock Sioux are allies with all of humanity in serving as spiritually infused, on-the-ground activists for climate justice by way of transitioning off of fossil fuels while adopting clean, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal.

You can watch each of the three segments of this program below:

King to Host Your Town Television Program

King is now hosting a monthly segment on Your Town Television Program broadcast throughout the Monterey Bay area in California. His program will explore the intersections of art and social justice: Artivism. The conversations King has facilitated in the opening segments are astoundingly inspired and inspiring. Check out his program with Chuck Banner, television producer… Continue Reading

King Adjudicates Student Poetry for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

King Adjudicates Student Poetry for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

King is honored and delighted to have been asked to serve as a poetry judge for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Alumni of this esteemed organization include writers Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Bernard Malamud, Myla Goldberg, and Joyce Carol Oates, only to name a few. The young peoples’ poetry King adjudicated leaves him with… Continue Reading

Prayer At Oceti Sakowin Camp Permeates Community And Nonviolent Action

“That’s our way of life here, that we can’t question spirit,” Lakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse said. “So, every day in our tradition we honor that good mind.” Prayer, from sunrise until deep into the night at Oceti Sakowin Camp, infuses the spiral of life, the whirlpool of mystery, in native song, dance, eagle feathers… Continue Reading

“A Just Verdict”

Caveat Lector Magazine has selected my short story, “A Just Verdict”, for publication in it’s Winter 2016 edition and, with the magazine title’s latin meaning of “ let the reader beware,” I couldn’t be happier. Good writing should shake and romance and inspire the reader to greater depths, higher highs, more empathetic lows; it should… Continue Reading

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