Superlatives of gratitude for finding my work in such pristine literary company by way of Crack the Spine Literary Magazine’s Issue 141! From David’s mythic muse cover art, on inside with Gary’s truths of the itinerate traveler in Adrift; the floating sensation of being left alone in the wise economy of Christopher’s “Morton Arboretum on a Saturday Afternoon”; a dance with the fragility and strength of standing up to institutionalized school brutality in Cheryl’s Brace; Gotham’s positively numinous spelling-bee for his pimply swain with Eighties Love Story; in Lori’s We Are Brave, going too far out into the ocean with another to discover you’re exactly the right distance from shore; and, to put the finishing touches on with Jeffrey’s poetic nuggets, “Epiphany” and “Cell Phone”, that in their terseness speak volumes to my heart as much as my mind—well, thank you one and all for this work, which allows mine to come up alongside and, to Kerri, for positioning everything here with the deftness and wisdom of a hummingbird going from flower to flower in the newness of springtime.

Good writing to all and onwards,

King Grossman

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