The Fable After the Birthday of the Infanta

This poem about embracing your inner muse, making her an integrated part of oneself, is particularly gratifying to have on its way to potential readers. It was inspired after I read Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale “The Birthday of the Infanta”. Thanks in memoriam Oscar, and in realtime to the publishers of Pennsylvania English.




Creamy yellow-tinged pages

Turn like fauns leading me to the sea;


Words sunk deep into the weave draw close,

Each sheet a bone aflutter with blackbirds—

By their cawing,


Sing my soul’s return from whence

It can never be relinquished again.


The ruby-throated hummingbird

Is now a mermaid


(Skin the color of ivory

And no bare feet for making

Prints in the sand as mine have)


I gladly die with on the surf,

Oscar Wilde standing close by,

A fisherman with his net underwater:


She is held in me where she has been all along,

The great bard releasing the two of us


To at last be one.

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